Bath Tub Bladder

Store water in your own home bath tub during an emergency.

The AquaPod Kit is the bath tub bladder that provides a 65 gallon supply of water that will meet the needs of a family of four for 14 days. Since most tubs hold 70 gallons of water, the AquaPod Kit can safely hold a quantity of water that your tub will accommodate.

The bath tub bladder, known as the AquaPodKit and featured on numerous television programs including The Doctors, is the “must have” product when disaster strikes! Hurricanes, storm surges, and water main breaks can make tap water unsafe to drink. Don't drive to the market only to find yourself too late to get bottled water.

These bath tub bladder liners are constructed of 4 mil food grade Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic and follow USDA and FDA guidelines. The Aqua Pod Kit offers replacement liners and is the only company that does! Now available with Aquamira filtration! Proudly made in the USA!